The Primo Foundation whose founder is Primo Laurentiu, the author of “MERITOCRACY and MERITOCRATISM”, aims to support materially, the real values of society, to help poor children who lack the financial means to attend school. The main aim of this foundation is to advocate for system change in Romania, the crossing to meritocracy, the evolved form, a superior one, a participatory democracy (a direct one).
Primo Foundation through Meritocrat movement, aims to replace the current rotten system, corrupt, mobster and unwanted by people with another system on which foundation to sit a system of humanist values , honesty, the value and the efficient management of the country.

The current system is called “democracy”, but in reality is a mobster – political dictatorship.

The essence of democracy consists in respecting the will of the people. It is in vain to have a parliament, if the parliament doesn’t respect the will of the people. The fact that the parliament doesn’t respect the will of the people is the best proof that this system is a pseudo democracy. A parliament that doesn’t respect the will of the people, it’s not representative and proves that the system is a wretched one which deceives people with the idea of democracy.
When you are given the choice between dying of plague or cholera this doesn’t mean that you have the freedom to choose how to live!

THE MERITOCRAT MOVEMENT will aim to promote and implement the new system, THE MERITOCRACY.

During 2015, the Primo Foundation aims to open MERITOCRAT MOVEMENT CENTERS throughout the country and the Romanians in diaspora.
It’s goal is that by 2015, MERITOCRAT SUBSIDIARIES start attracting members, gathering signatures and adhesions to request the initiation procedures for referendum on changing the system in Romania.

If by 2019 presidential elections, the referendum will not take place, Primo Foundation will appoint a presidential candidate. This candidate will run for the elections, with the Meritocracy Schedule and the only aim will be to implement MERITOCRAT CONSTITUTION in Romania, within a maximum of one year from the date of investment. The candidate for the presidential elections from the Primo Foundation will be chosen by freely expressed voting by the members of the foundation.

Membership for the Primo Foundation doesn’t involve any costs or expenses and is unpaid (voluntary).
After the installation of the new system, the Meritocrat Movement from Romania will act as the guarantor of the observance of the principles of Meritocracy Schedule. The Meritocracy Subsidiaries will serve to support and organize the election and the competition tests for the selection of potential candidates to the country’s leadership.

No Member of these Meritocrat Subsidiaries will be remunerated for his work and will not receive any benefit, function or privilege in the new system!

Primo Laurentiu, founder and initiator of this movement, doesn’t want and will NEVER accept ANY public or PRIVILEGE WITHIN the new Meritocrat society!

The Fundamentals of the Meritocrat society are:

1. A new Meritocrat Constitution. Participatory Meritocracy (direct democracy).

2. Total and definitive elimination from the Society’s management of political parties, politics and politicians.

3. The trick will no longer be a defining quality of the “successful man”.

4. The leadership of the society will be based on professional management by professional managers. The right man in the right place!

5. The election of all the country’s leaders and state institutions on the basis of proven value tests, exam and contest.

6. Legal system based on trials by jury. Life jail sentence for corruption in judiciary.

7. A criminal code with particularly harsh punishment so as to discourage criminals and the good men to be protected.

8. The removal of the underworld mafia clans in society. Eliminating the evil terror from society.

9. Harsher punishments for very serious crimes (state treason, sadistic murders, serial killers).

10. Self-financing prisons. All inmates will have to earn their living through work.

11. Eliminating corruption, stealing, injustice in society through a very harsh penal code.

12. In justice, men will be truly equal regardless of function, sex, religion, color or wealth.

13. A society where education, environment and health will become national priorities.

14. A new educational system based on deeply humanistic values based on skills, education, tolerance, non-violence, nature protection and the will to do good.

15. The admission to college will be done only through examination, contest. Faculties will be only the state supported ones, and passing the exams will be made only on the basis of merit, no longer possible to purchase diplomas from universities that are only diplomas typographies.

16. A capitalist economic system, but strengthening the state’s role in the economy.

17. The State will be involved in the energy industry, heavy and chemical industry and where there is the need to ensure balance in the Romanian economy.

18. The taxation with 100 % of the assets exceeding 100 million euros.

19. The taxation with 2% on all companies with a turnover above 10 million euros.

20. The increase of the state’s role in the organization of agriculture, irrigation and land improvement.

21. The reforestation of the country and the strict control of deforestation. The increased involvement of the state in environmental protection.

22. The state involvement in the business of waste recycling.

23. A controlled banking system. Prohibition for consumer credit for a period exceeding one year.

24. Banning through constitution the exporting of mineral and natural resources.

25. Banning the energy and mineral resources exploitation by other companies than to the state ones.

26. Banning the sale of agricultural and forestry land by foreigners.

27. Banning thorough constitution the export of raw materials and minerals.

28. Banning thorough constitution the budget deficit.

29. Reduced taxation (below 10%) for production activities. Increased taxation (over 25%) for commercial activities.

30. Banning the companies set up off shore and carrying out contracts with companies off shore.

31. The minimization of the number of possible taxes.

32. The minimization of bureaucracy.

33. The elimination of all organizations and committees funded with money from the state and established in order to divert funds to political clientele.

34. The police organization to protect honest citizens, not criminals. Police don’t have to be an institution of security, protection and organization of criminals and mafia clans.

35. Intelligence services will be an institution of control and prevention of corruption in society, not an institution to collect and make information traffic for the purpose of blackmail, obtaining money and power.

36. The right to work is guaranteed by the Meritocrat Constitution. The state undertakes to guarantee a job for the Romanian citizens.

37. Special measures to reduce child abandonment and family planning.

38. Submission to referendum for the membership in NATO, the EU and / or other organizations and alliances.

These points are dealt with and justified in the book Meritocracy,

The Meritocracy Schedule commented on point by point in issue at

NASUL TV , on 01/14/2013


It is essential for the success of our approach (changing the system, replacing the current misery with an evolved form of democracy, participatory – Meritocracy ) to reach as soon as possible to a greater number of members and sympathizers . The political – mafia system from Romania can not be changed by demonstrations of 2-3000 people no matter how brave and determined would be.

The Meritocrat Movement aims not a revolt or a violent revolution. The Meritocrat Movement can achieve their goals only through a peaceful revolution, democracy – that means by popular vote freely expressed. Of course, the political and economical mafia that dominates Romania today in a dictatorial way, will not accept the change as a result of a referendum , but such a referendum will bring popular sentiment and will have the role of delivering an irreconcilable gap between people and politicians . The referendum could mean the beginning of the end of the political class and the system. The next step will be the winning of the presidential election this year.
That would mean to reach a critical mass of 500,000 members and supporters in the shortest time possible to ask for referendum and in the same time, to delegate a presidential candidate who would support the Meritocrat Program and the implementation of The Meritocrat Constitution (both can be read on
To promote nationwide the Meritocrat Movement we’ll seek to identify a strong public personality to become a flag carrier for Meritocracy and a presidential candidate. We’ll seek to identify a person who could possibly run for the European Parliament elections in order to promote the ideals of meritocracy, and attracting as many people in “the Meritocrat army”.
This person could also play an important role in promoting Meritocracy in the European Parliament in explaining to the European partners of our purpose that is in conformity with the theoretical principles of the real democracy and the compatibility of the meritocrat ideals with the aspirations of the other EU partner countries.

If we fail to realize the change in 2014, we’ll continue to promote and develop the Meritocrat movement by increasing the number of branches and members so that at the parliamentary elections of 2016 we’ll be able to support or establish a political formation ( just in case that in the opinion polls we would lend more than 50% of the votes ) that will run and win the elections by supporting the Meritocrat Constitution and the Meritocrat Program. Thus we’ll be able to decide in Parliament the change of the system and the adoption of the Meritocrat Constitution.

In this direction we need that in every town where we have members, people with organizational skills and spirit of initiative to take over the role of organizers for subsidiaries. These subsidiaries will continue to operate after the establishment of the meritocrat system and become subsidiaries of Meritocrat National Authority (see the Meritocrat Constitution) .
As you can easily understand, the most important thing in achieving our goal is the growth of the number of members ASAP!!!

Here’s an example of how we can grow in geometric progression:

Let’s say that today we are 1000 members. Here’s what happens if each member will aim to bring only one member PER MONTH:

– In January we will be 1.000 × 2 = 2,000 members
– In February we will be 2,000 × 2 = 4,000 members
– In March we will be 4,000 × 2 = 8,000 members
– In April we will be 16,000 members
– In May we will be 32,000 members
– In June we will be 64,000 members
– In July we will be 128,000 members
– In August we will be 256,000 members
– In September we will be 512,000 members
– In October we will be 1.024 million members

Remember: with only 1 monthly membership, IN 10 MONTHS WE CAN BE 1,000,000 !!!
Consequently, the whole secret of success lies in you, ordinary citizens with patriotic consciousness . If you want the change, this is possible with very little effort on your part, of all of you.
Through this geometric progression we’ll achieve an impressive number of members and we’ll become the leading force in the Romanian society and we can build a better world, a humanistic society, evolved, a rich country with a high standard of living, a real democracy, participatory, led by the most capable and honest Romanians without parties and bandit politicians who suck our blood .
In the future meritocrat society the power will truly be in the hands of the people and not of bandits and gangster politicians who supposedly represent us today in this kleptocracy.

Laurentiu Primo – President of the Meritocrat Movement.

Meritocrat Elections

Daily we receive dozens of emails from people who in most cases ask three questions:

  1. How will we manage to change the system through peaceful revolution?
  2. How shall we make the Merito(Demo)cratic Elections?
  3. How shall the country function without Parliament?
  4. Electronic voting by Michael Boitan

Here are the answers :


The Meritocrat Movement (The Primo Foundation) will designate a candidate in the presidential election, a candidate who will support the Meritocracy program (a chapter of this site).

Gallup polls say that approximately 85 per cent of the country’s population want the elimination of the political parties and the political class from the social life, and if the election will confirm the gallup polls, this means that the next president will be appointed by the Meritocrat Movement.

According to the Meritocracy Program VOTED IMPLICITLY BY THE PEOPLE BY ELECTING THE MERITOCRAT CANDIDATE, the new president of the country will have legitimacy conferred by the people to dissolve the Parliament (using a legal, democratic trick) and will appoint a prime minister who will constitute a cabinet of technocrats, specialists recognized as being the most valuable in each sphere and ministry.

This government will steer the country for 12 months through emergency edicts.

During this time, the president together with a team he personally builds up, will prepare and organize MERITOCRAT ELECTIONS 12 months after the investment at the most.

After the MERITOCRAT ELECTIONS, the last Democrat president will hand over the relay to the first meritocrat ELECTED president, and the last technocrat prime-minister will hand over the relay to the first prime-minister meritocrat ELECTED.

And so a new era in the history of Romania and the world will begin.

  1. The MERITO(DEMO)CRATIC elections will occur as follows:

At counties level there will be organized grid-type contests like school Science Olympics open for any Romanian citizen who has no sentences/criminal record. The elections will be organized by the Meritocrat local organizations.

The members of these organizations will be people known to be of great moral uprightness and… after all, they don’t have to do anything more than put 100 tests on the table, each test with 100 questions and offer them to the candidates to draw the subject out. There will be no place and no way for fraud to appear.

The exam subjects for the PRESIDENCY will be as follows:

– an intelligence test: IQ+EQ – 100 tests with 100 questions each;

– general culture: G.C. – 100 tests with 100 questions each;

– a foreign language (english): F.L. – 100 tests with 100 questions each.

The chief of the commission will set the tests on the desk and every candidate will draw a subject

after which he has three hours to complete the grid test.

Then the commission will confront the tests with the standard grid, will calculate each contestant’s score without knowing the name of the author (the name is sealed and secret) until after correcting and scoring all the papers. The result will be 100 per cent objective. Each paper score will be checked, (the candidates have the right to witness the correction – everything will be 100 per cent transparent) and the first 5 scored papers, with the highest number of points, will be unsealed and the names of the national finalists will be publicly announced. It’s just as simple as a-b-c (100 per cent correct).

Exactly the same procedure will be applied at the national phase and the first 10 paper’s authors will be qualified to the final stage.

The final stage consists of the following:

For one  month, every two days, there will be organized talk-shows with five by five candidates, in prime time, on national television. During this month up to the date of the “merito-democrat” elections, mass media may seek and present to the public opinion each candidate’s moral profile.

Romanians, by watching the talk-shows and information from the media, will be able to learn each of the 10 candidates moral profile. All 10 are super brains – they proved it through tests and exams. Then people will vote – according the charisma, morality, etc. – each as he considers .

This way we elect the president.

To me it all seems logical and simple.

Of course it is not a perfect system, but we don’t intend to reach perfection, just to replace a disastrous system with a much better one, with a new system perfectible in time!

For the prime-minister’s position – all the 200 national finalists will be put through one more test – A MANAGEMENT TEST.

The management test will be written and oral, undergone in front of an evaluation commission (board of assessment) made up of well recognized experts, with a moral probity without any shadow of doubt. The last Democrat president will be the one to decide on the panel members’ moral integrity and examiner compatibility. The Commission will be composed of five persons who will assess each candidate individually, will give one grade, and the average of the five grades will become the candidate’s management test grade. The management test grade togetherwith the average grade from national finals IQ+EQ, G.C. and F.L. (the test management will have a weight of 50 % in the final) will give an average designating the 10 national finalists who will come into debate for the ELECTION OF THE COUNTRY’S FIRST MERITOCRAT PRIME-MINISTER.In the same way as in the presidential elections, the people will decide which of the 10 is the most appropriate to form THE COUNTRY’S FIRST MERITOCRAT GOVERNMENT.

In the same way, the prime-minister will designate the cabinet ministers. The average grade from

the general test (IQ+EQ, G.C. and F.L.) and the grade for the specialized subject (finance, agriculture, industry etc).

The prime-minister will be the one to decide which of the 10 finalists is the most appropriate to occupy each minister post.

The president and the prime-minister will have a 5 year term – afterwards new elections will take place and a new team will manage our country.

The former presidents and prime-ministers will form the WISEMEN COUNCIL, who will have an advisory role for the president and prime minister in office. The Wisemen Council, through the vote of the majority, will be able to decide for convocation of the referendum for dismissal of the acting President or Prime Minister! This can be done only once a year.

These new leaders will manage the country on principles of honor, value and efficiency. Any corruption, scams, trickery and treason against the national interests and the people will be excluded for any act of this nature, will be assimilated and punished according to the new meritocrate laws – laws that will no longer encourage theft and crime like they do now.

The President and Prime-minister’s salaries will be approximately 100 thousand euros per month, so that these people can devote all their energy and capacity to serve the country’s interests, not

to manage their own fortune. Though they apparently seem to be huge salaries, they are not significant by comparison to what the present political class is stealing and diverting today.

Society as a whole will be re-organized from the ministries downwards, on exactly the same criteria of proven values through tests-contests.

Corruption, theft and abuses will be discouraged by DRACONIAN LAWS for such acts. The reason for these draconian laws is not to create a cruel society, but to create a fair and equitable society where the one who intends to commit crimes to censor himself, to refrain from commiting negative facts being made aware that punishment is very severe. Let’s just not deplore those who will have to carry out heavy sentences – NO ONE FORCED THEM TO COMMIT THOSE DEEDS, but if aware of risks, they committed them, THEN THEY MUST ASSUME THE RESPONSIBILITY AND THE CONSEQUENCES!

Mayors will be elected exactly the same way as the prime-minister just that everything will be organized on a local level. Exactly the same way will be elected the head managers of the companies, with a particularity: not the whole people will elect them, but only the employees. The manager will build up an executive leadership team, guided on the same principles, down to the last office.

The new society that we will build is a profoundly humanist society where the good man will be protected, we’ll remove injustice and inequity, caring for man and family will be the most important values ​. We will build a world in which the children will not die from lack of money for surgeries and treatments, the parents will not spend the last years of life humiliated and tortured, people less gifted by nature will not be despised, marginalized and brutified, they will be able to have a decent life. It will be societies obligation that every human, no matter how less gifted or valuable, benefit at least of a decent life, namely to have a home and to be able to grow and educate their children with dignity.


This is only a proposal which can be perfected and it will be the job of those who will have to implement the new system.

This is only a proposal which can be improved in time BY THE FUTURE SPECIALISTS, in accordance with the situation.

It is not hard at all, believe me! If you think a bit, you too can imagine (propose) an algorithm of election for the future leaders … THE PROBLEM IS THE WILL! It is much easier to say “THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE ” than to plunge, but I have learned from life to conjugate the verb “to do” . When I left home 25 years ago, ONLY with my clothes on, and I told my parents that I’ll be a millionaire in dollars, they said “this is not possible “. After 10 years I was a millionaire in dollars – without stealing, without cheating, without raising up any enemy. I didn’t have an initial plan, but … I began working and step by step I succeeded. I will do the same with the Meritocracy even if daily comes along someone who want to cut my wings telling me “It is not possible”. Yes it is!

The first step is to destroy this decaying system from the ground!

The rest will come by itself – you will see that this is possible!


Yes folks, countries can be administered also without Parliament and the best example in this direction is Switzerland. How will this be done? Simple –  90 % as before!!!!

The government will lead the country through emergency ordinances as before !!!!

In the case of laws of national importance (a matter decided by the Counsel of the WISEMEN),  people will be called to vote. The vote of the people can be expressed as before, traditionally going to vote (with polling booths) and in my opinion better through internet. You will say that some don’t have internet. For them there will be organized, in schools, voting points (computers), and they will be helped by specialized people to vote. You will say that there is the possibility of software fraud. I will tell you that the same possibility of software fraud exists also at the traditional voting. After the vote on paper, the data is entered in computers, so you are still at the computer’s “hand”!

But … the eloquent proof of deception to vote is given by the gallup polls preceding the vote! It is impossible the difference between vote and gallup polls to be more than 5 %.

If such anomaly (fraud) would happen, in this case we could decide the restoration of the voting (after catching and exemplary punishing the bastards)!


Thus the society will be lead more efficiently, more flexibly, much easier (less bureaucracy), faster decisions and not to mention, the huge reduction of the management costs

of the country.


In the end this will be found in a much higher level of life of the people !


  1. ELECTRONIC VOTE – version proposed by Boitan Mihai


I’ve been thinking about a vote system who will attract the ordinary citizen saving time, but also simplifying the operations needed to be performed.

At the same time, this “electronic vote” must be as safe as possible for the “system”.

First I will explain more thoroughly the way I think this electronic voting system should be created, then I will make a summary of my ideas to make myself better understood by ordinary


I specify that using the “electronic vote” does not imply giving up the “classic vote” . In exchange, the classic vote will be much more simplified for the citizens and infinitely safer for the “system”.

General Rule:

Electronic voting can be performed only by the persons who previously requested “ the personal system access password” – this can be shortened to “PSAP”.

This will be done simply by entering the website of the Ministry for Internal Affairs on the page  specially constructed for all kind of elections. Let’s call it “Electronic Voting Page” .

So, we enter this page where we have to fill in few general data, namely:

– Name and surname, (complete)

– Date of birth,

– Place of birth (village, town, county, country)

– The address from the identity card (only the locality, the street and number because the rest doesn’t matter)

– Contact e‐mail,

– Repeat contact e‐mail (for security),

– Citizenship (If you wonder why you should fill in the citizenship, I answer that I thought that, at the local elections, foreigners who have residence in the locality should also have the right to vote.)

Initially I ‘ve been thinking to ask for the writing of the full address, but I realized that there is no chance for two people to have exactly the same surname and first name, to be born at the same time in the same place, then … they live in the same village, on the same street at the same number, block, apartment, etc … you realize that even if they are twins they would have different last names. Everything is designed for simplification but without giving up safety.

ATTENTION! The PNC – Personal Numeric Code – is not required. I will show below the logic of this.

The entered data will be checked automatically with the data from the copies of the ID Cards existent in the database of the ministry.

If the entered data corresponds with the official data, the “Personal Access Password in the System” is automatically generated and will be sent by e-mail to each recipient.

If the data does not match they will be checked by the personnel of the ministry department that deals with preparing these elections, and they will see immediately where the mistake is and send an email with their explanations, where will be shown  which data doesn’t correspond and invite the citizen to re-enter the registration page to be properly identified in order to receive the access password.

The citizen identifies from the received email what data he misspelt, then re-enters the ministry’s website and completes the form with his data again. If everything is OK he will get the PAPS.


Therefore, on the election day, the citizen who wants to vote electronically must know the following data: personal PNC, and the PAPS received by e-mail from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The citizen will enter the Ministry page in the section “Electronic Voting Page” where he must fill in the two requested data, then he can exercise his voting option and press OK.

After this the citizen must wait for the confirmation that his/her vote has been successfully registered. In that moment, the citizen will receive a new password that I could name “Subsequent Vote Verification Password” – in brief: SVVP. This password is optional for the citizen, meaning that he can use it only if he wants to verify, after end of voting, if his vote exists and if it’s on his unique PNC in the system.

Now it’s the critical moment.

This is the part where I have to explain how the system can be defended against possible fraud.

Someone could ask: OK, but how can a person that know the two codes, meaning the CNP and PAPS and vote in someone else’s place ?

I’m tellling you: NO ONE can impede him to vote.

All the above explanations were necessary for you to understand how I thought this mechanism would work and in the following pages I will explain how I think to defend the system against possible fraud.


Let’s say that someone reads by the means of a virus other people e-mails and discover that PAPS. That’s not enough, because he needs to also know the other persons PNC. This is why I warned above that when registering on the Ministry of the Interior site for receiving the PAPS, every person will write their personal data – less the PNC. Exactly for preventing a computer virus from “reading” it.

So, let me repeat the reasoning.


Let us assume that by other means, that “thief” also learnt the person’s PNC and on the election day, right after the opening of the polls, he sets to work and starts voting for others – let’s say three persons. In this case the system gets what it requests i.e. PNC and PAPS for each person and it records the votes as valid. As I was saying above, no one can prevent that person (thief) to vote.

The scoundrel’s joy will be short lived because when the citizens with those PNC and PAPS enter the system to vote, the system will sense vote duplicity, and the program will perform the following operation: the vote originally registered as valid will be suspended and will be entered in a separate section – so it will no longer be part of the database with votes validly cast. This shall be done after the vote conotrol, when it’s time for the citizen to receive the system’s OK. Instead of this OK, the citizen will be informed that due to the fact that someone else had access to the PNC and the PAPS and already voted, that other citizen’s vote (the thief’s vote) was moved from „vote valid “expressed” state to „”vote on hold”.

To be able to exercise his right to vote, the citizen is urged to go with the identity card to any classic voting center organised on the national territory or abroad. There, the people in the Commission when registering the PNC to allow the person to vote, will see in the system that on that PNC is a „”vote on hold” and then they check again if the person who has shown up corresponds to that on the ID card. If such is the case, the citizen will receive a ballot and will vote by the conventional method. In the moment of recording the classic vote, the electronic vote generated by that PNC will be cancelled.


You will certainly ask now, What happens if the scoundrel enters the system after the other citizen’s voted and cancels the votes in the „vote on hold” section. Now it’s even more simple because the honest citizens don’t have to go and vote by the conventional method since there are two cases when the votes shall remain in this section:

– up to the time when the citizen casts the ballot by the conventional method (a version that has been explained initially – when the thief voted before the honest citizen);

– up to vote ending – when ballots which have not been confirmed by the conventional method, will re-enter the system as votes validly cast (actual version – when the thief votes after the honest citizen).

You do realize that the scoundrel is not capable to go and vote in the classic way for other people so the votes which he could be suspended for by his action must be re-entered into the system.

Of course, logically, can there be another variant, namely: the thief votes before the citizen, and the citizen because of various personal reasons doesn’t vote by the conventional method to cancel the scoundrel’s vote and enter the actual vote. In this case, the thief may keep the vote valid?

It depends …

I said theoretically, because in practice it’s very difficult to carry out something like that. But if it does happen, I’m telling you there can be viable solutions for this problem too, and a safety system can be considered against this kind of fraud, a safety system that could be triggerd by the citizen the scoundrel has been stealing from. For example, he can access another page of the electronic vote where he can write additional personal information to prove that he is as owner of those PNC and PAPS. In this case the vote expressed by the thief will be cancelled, and the citizen, by this action, will remove himself the possibility to vote in those elections. I say once again that, practically it is hard for something like this happen. And if the citizen was not careful enough and did not keep the secret of his PNC and PAPS and he can’t either go to vote by the classical method, then it is clear that the maximum you can obtain from the system is to cancel the thief’s vote.

I’ve been thinking about it and I explained this last variant sketching a momentary solution which is not „nailed down,” but I did it for those that are always looking for “spots in the sun” to assure them that they don’t need to worry, as there are always solutions. The important thing is the will to do it.

As you can see, it’s simple for the ordinary citizen to vote electronically and it will be much easier than before to vote by the conventional method because he can do it where ever he finds an open voting center – domestic or abroad. Details of this will be explained below.

As I have promised initially, let me conclude now what the citizen must do to vote electronically.

1) He must enter the registration page of the ministry and write the required data (without PNC).

2) Subsequently he must check the e-mail and see the password he has received (PAPS).

3) On the election day he can enter the ministry’s voting page and write down the PNC and PAPS after which he can vote and than wait for the “system” OK.

4) Alternatively, after voting, he can remember the new password he has been given („Password for subsequent vote verification” – PSVV) in order to check his vote – if it’s in the system as the voting closes and on whether it’s on a unique PNC in the system.


In conclusion – with some advertising for this voting system and explaining its logic, NO ONE will ever want to rig votes because everybody will know from the very beginning that it’s useless to do something like this, as finally the effort to steal is in vain because the system will take notice the moment the owner of passwords and PNC will want to vote .

Within the “classic vote”framework – with the ID card – it has to be said that the citizen can vote wherever he can find an open voting center. In the country or abroad. All that’s requested is for him to have a valid ID card or passport with the PNC. Because the PNC will be entered in the system and will ensure vote is unique.

The rule:

– All classic polling stations will have surveillance cameras.

– When the surveillance cameras don’t work, the station will automatically close.

– In all classic polling stations it’s also possible to vote in the „electronic voting” system if someone comes and has the PNC and PAPS, but on that day does not have access to an internet connection.

– The classic vote has priority over electronic vote – if one person votes by the conventional method it is clear that it’s the only person able to vote and when someone enters the system to vote electronically on that person’s name (PNC), that vote will not be recorded and will display the message that the person has already voted in the polling station with number… town… time…

Also for those looking for „spots in the sun,” I’m also creating an entry where I point out that if the citizens who wants to vote „electronically” KNOWS he wasn’t the one who voted „classically,” he can lodge a complaint to the police, and the polling station employees will immediately ask questions. The footage for the hour and minute when the vote was registered in the system will be rolled back and it will be known exactly who and how it was voted. The situation will be immediately clear and the scoundrels will be severely punished.

NO ONE can vote several times.

NOBODY will ever be able to commit a fraud without being instantly caught and punished.

It’s logical and easy to do.

For a mid level programmer it’s going to be child’s play to develop a program to take into account those safety systems. It suffices that this thing is desired at the society’s high levels.

That’s all!

It seems that now, the parties don’t want this thing.

That’s why they have to be thrown away to history’s garbage as soon as possible.

A new system must be created.